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On a summer evening we sat together with friends on a garden terrace. We barbecued, drank cool wine, laughed and celebrated life. At some point, a young woman - a glass of water in her hand - said in the happy round:


"Do you know that for many people it is not taken for granted to drink clean water? We simply turn the tap on and run as much water as we want. I think we have to deal more economically with this in the future, because water is becoming ever scarcer."

This was the initial inspiration for us to think about ideas on how to efficiently save water in everyday life.


A few months later, we developed the first prototypes of SANAGUA water taps, which went into production after successful tests, after a number of design and engineering studies. We are convinced that our water-saving solutions help to reduce water consumption drastically.

Fabian Monn



Paolo Parró

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