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The environmentally friendly SANAGUA faucet technology is unique. It reduces water consumption by 90%. Splitting the water flow into millions of small water droplets leaves the spray angle and pressure large. This spray technology guarantees hygienic absolute cleanliness when washing hands and feels very pleasant on the skin.

Flow: 0.6 - 0.7 liters per minute at minimum 1 bar

Pressure: Sanagua requires supply pressure > 1 bar

​Connection: Can be connected to cold and warm water up to 40 degrees water connector 1/2'' or 3/4''.

Operation: By push of a button, water jet ends after 15 seconds

Certification: CE Europe Basic, EN 816 :1996, Swiss Technology

Both SANAGUA models with self-closing fittings are intended exclusively for commercial use. Ideal locations are public facilities, municipalities, schools, kindergartens, military buildings, restaurants, hotels and office / administration buildings.


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